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Home Sweet Home

The proposition of a three way property swap came to light in March of 2011 under the watch of WB Allen Moss and many hours of negotiations and discussion was held. The project was passed to RWB Larry Moss who, at the August of 2012 Stated Meeting called for a vote to accept or reject the offer. The vote was taken with a majority approving the swap and then serious negotiations were undertaken by Bro. David Wells and the final contracts were signed in December of 2012 under the watch of RWB Dennis Spears. WB Rusty Krueger and Bro. Wayne Hampton started the construction process and it seemed to be a long drawn out affair. BUT IT IS COMING TO AN END. The Lodge moved in and held our first Stated Meeting on September 8th, 2014 with RWB J. David Dowell presiding as Master. The Installation of 2015 Officers was held on September 13th, installing WB Bill Hillyard as Master. Our Masonic Family started moving back and the Rainbow Girls met on September 15th with Alpha Chapter OES meeting on September 16th and Job’s Daughters meeting on September 17th. Adah Court of the Amaranths should be back the middle of October. Our Thursday night Study Club has resumed ritual practice. So THINGS ARE REALLY GETTING GOOD. The lower level is still a work in process finishing the Break Room, Dining Room and Restrooms but we are getting there, due to the many hours of hard work that has been donated by WB Bob Chester and Bro. Bill Moffet. We owe them a great debt of THANKS.

Brethren this is your new home and I would like to encourage each and every one to come and see the beauty of our Lodge Room and Entry Foyer. It is a one of a kind and something that you should be really proud of.

Written by RWB Larry Moss, Past Master

2105 Iron Comes Down

On June 20th, 2013, the old home of Alpha Lodge #659 was razed.

Alpha Lodge, chartered in 1921, had occupied the building at 2105 Iron, North Kansas City for the last 60 plus years after purchasing it from the Methodist Church.

Many memories and Brethren passed through its doors. It is and was a difficult task to let go of the sentiments that came from a building that served Alpha Lodge so well for so long. But just as with all things mortal, buildings too must pass. Thus ends a chapter in the life of Alpha Lodge #659 and the beginning of a new one.

Alpha Lodge’s new home at 2121 Gentry, North Kansas City is still being renovated and the Lodge is presently meeting at Rising Sun Lodge #13 thanks to their gracious hospitality. Once renovation is complete, Alpha will begin its new chapter in a new home and with renewed vigor and excitement. (See Photo Gallery)

Alpha’s Last Stated Meeting @ 2105 Iron

On April 22nd 2013, Alpha Lodge #659 held it’s last Stated Meeting at 2105 Iron. The meeting was presided over by RWB Dennis W. Spears with 9 officers, 12 members and 4 visitors in attendance. RWB Paul F. Miller, DDGL of the 18th Masonic District of Missouri, made his Official Visit that night also. The American Flag was Lowered and a piece of our history was brought to an end. (See Photo Gallery)

Alpha Lodge’s Last Initiation @ 2105 Iron

On Thursday night, April 18th, 2013, Alpha Lodge #659 conducted it’s last Initiation Ceremony at 2105 Iron. Keith Daniel Smith was obligated by RWB Dennis Spears as an Entered Apprentice. Also in attendance were: RWB David Tinsley in the West; RWB Larry Moss in the South; WB Allen Moss, Sr. Deacon; WB Bob VanVacter, Jr. Deacon; WB Rusty Krueger, Sr. Steward; Bro. Steve Schnare, Jr. Steward; Bro. Bill Moffet, Marshall; WB Bill Perry, Chaplain. The Lecture and Charge were given by RWB Dennis Spears. Refreshments and Fellowship followed the degree, peace and harmony prevailing. (see photo gallery)